Current FTA Resolutions

The official position of the FTA membership are reflected through resolutions, which are passed by the membership during the annual meeting each June.  Resolutions are valid for three years unless updated or rescinded.  The current resolutions, in force through June 2018, are:

  • 2017-1: Remote Seller Collection Authority
  • 2017-2: Consider State and Local Tax Systems When Making Federal Policy Changes
  • 2016-1: Supporting Expansion of Federal Refund Offset for State Tax Debts
  • 2016-2: Opposing Federal Preemption of State Tax Authority Creating Preferred Taxpayer Status
  • 2016-3: Opposing Business Activity Tax Nexus Legislation
  • 2016-4: General Resolution on Congressional Preemption of State and Local Taxing Authority
  • 2016-5: Opposition to Federal Legislation Preempting Tax on Online Travel Company Mark-Ups
  • 2016-6: Opposing Digital Goods and Services Tax Fairness Act
  • 2015-2: Federal Mobile Workforce Legislation
  • 2015-3: Supporting Reenactment of the Federal Estate Credit
  • 2015-5: Opposing Extending or Making the Internet Tax Freedom Act Permanent


Previous FTA Resolutions