FTA Staff

Contact us at: 202-807-6328 or [email protected]

Sharonne R. Bonardi, Executive Director

Ronald Alt, Director of Economic and Tax Research
State tax policy research, database maintenance, economic research.

Cindy Anders-Robb, Director of Motor Fuels and Tobacco Tax Sections
Coordinating the activities of FTA 's Motor Fuel and Tobacco Tax Section. Including Uniformity, Training, and Annual/Regional Meetings.

Joe Brady, Director of Government Relations

Charlie Helms, Director of Regional Sections (MSATA, WSATA, NESTOA)
For FTA, Charlie organizes and facilitates annual conferences for the Midwestern (MSATA), Northeastern (NESTOA) and Western (WSATA) regions. Charlie also organizes the Southeast's regional conference (SEATA) but it is a separate organization and is not under the FTA umbrella.

Ryan Minnick, Chief Operating Officer

Kerri Norris, Director of Communications

Darrell Reeves, Office Manager
General office management; assists with meeting preparations and registration.

Terri Steenblock, Director of Compliance
Coordinating the activities of FTA's Compliance, Fraud, and E-file initiatives.

Linda Tanton, General Counsel