Motor Fuel E-List

This E-List is a public list for both state/federal tax agency and private sector persons who are interested in motor fuel tax issues.

To subscribe, log in to the website, go to the My Account page, and select E-Lists on the My Features menu.  From there you can manage all of your E-List preferences.

We hope that you will employ the list as a resource to answer your own questions about issues within other states, and contribute to the knowledge of others by participating freely in responding to questions from others. If the list or message flow becomes too unwieldy, we'll consider creating additional E-Lists in the future. 

IMPORTANT: This E-List should not be used to exchange confidential or sensitive taxpayer information.

FTA (and the entire tax administration community) appreciates your participation. Please use this resource as all will benefit!

Why this is wonderful

You can send a message to everyone in the group by using a single address, and if someone replies to your e-mail, the answer goes out to everyone in the group.

It's a better way to network with your peers in other agencies. It's also an efficient way for FTA to send special information and news alerts directly to the appropriate audience.

Previous E-List Conversations

To access previous E-List conversations from November 23, 2015 forward, simply go to My Account, and select E-Lists from the My Features menu.  You will be able to access all E-List conversations and topics there.

For E-List conversations prior to November 23, 2015 (from the previous Listserv system), visit the Listserv archive (Coming soon).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a message to everyone: Address/send an e-mail to [email protected].

How to unsubscribe from the E-List
On your My Account page, select E-Lists on the My Features menu.  From there you can manage all of your E-List preferences. 

How others can join
Any state revenue/tax agency employee of an FTA Member with a account may join this E-List.  If you don't have an account at, contact us.

When your E-List e-mail is rejected
Our E-lists can't handle attachments larger than 2MB. If you need to send an attachment larger than 2MB, you will have to individually address your e-mail.

How to improve your message
It will be very helpful to everyone if you (1) make your subject line as descriptive as possible; and (2) remember to include your name and agency at the end of the message. Otherwise, in some e-mail systems, it can be nearly impossible to figure out who sent the message. (Phone numbers are also helpful).

Another way we can help
If you need to send a personal e-mail to an individual on the E-List whose address you don't have, send a message to Ryan Minnick at [email protected] for assistance.