Motor Fuel Tax Uniformity Project

  • Click here for the Motor Fuel tax information by state.  Last updated September, 2021
  • Click here for the Motor Fuel Uniformity Guide, which includes the uniformity forms.  Last updated September, 2021

Electronic Filing Information 

  • Click here for the EC Electronic Filing Guide.  Last updated September, 2021 
  • Click here for the XML schemas for the supplier, terminal operator, distributor, retail, and carrier reports.  
  • Click here for the 2020 Electronic Commerce Survey Maps.  Last updated February 11, 2020 

Native American Survey

This report provides the details on the Motor Fuel Tax Section survey of Native American issues.  

  • Click here for the Native American Survey.  Last updated September 2019

Terminal Control Number/Terminal Location Directory 

The Terminal Control Locations Directory is maintained by the IRS.  It lists all approved terminals registered as part of the taxable fuel bulk delivery system. Terminals are listed by the terminal number. If you do not know the terminal number, scan the directory to locate the state that correlates to your geographic area.

  • Click here for the IRS Terminal Control Numbers TCN 

Uniformer Newsletter

Uniformity Co-Chairs

  • State Co-Chair:  Edie Martin (State of Kansas) 
  • Industry Co-Chair:  Rae Takai (Motiva)

Uniformity Subcommittees 

Communication & Coordination

  • State Co-Chair:  Christy Dixon (Oklahoma) 
  • Industry Co-Chair: Lauren Branch (Exxon) 


  • State Co-Chair:  Patrick Andrew (Virginia) 
  • Industry Co-Chair: David Hernandez (Valero) 

Electronic Commerce

  • State Co-Chair: Mike Hanson (California)
  • Industry Co-Chair: Gene Holland (Phillips 66)


  • State Co-Chair: Doug Kleeb (Oregon) 
  • Industry Co-Chair:  Jessica McInerny (Cargill)