Other Surveys

Sales Taxation of Services Survey - 2017 Update   

2022 State Sales Tax Holidays - updated July 28, 2022

Current/Upcoming Amnesties - updated January 1, 2022

State Amnesty Programs - 1982 to Present - updated December 31, 2017

FTA Summarizes Tax Related Ballot Initiatives - 2010


FTA Analysis of Electronic Filing

State Individual Income Tax Electronic Filing Mandates [current]

FTA Director Testimony - Senate Finance Committe [April 4, 2006]
2005 Electronic Filing Season Results - A Review of State & Federal Data
Electronic Filing Mandates: Lessons Learned - [ June 2005]
Electronic Income Tax Filing Analysis Continued (1998 to 2004)   [February 2, 2005]
State Electronic Income Tax Filing Grows in Importance [December 1, 2004]

FTA Testimony on Internet Tax Freedom Act

Business Activity Tax Simplification Act

Is Business Activity Tax Simplification Act Necessary? [letter to Congress with summary] [July 18, 2006]
CBO Estimates $3 Billion Cost to States

Rounding Surveys

Survey of State Income Tax Check-Off Programs - April 2003 
State Income Tax Check-Off Programs March 2001 Survey

FTA Director Testifies Before the President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform [Harley T. Duncan] [April 2005]

Information for Tax-Exempt Diplomats and Foreign Government Offices  [U.S. State Department Website]