Tobacco Tax Section 

The purpose of the tobacco tax section is to improve the techniques of tax administrators and the work of their profession, and to advance the standards of tax administration, as it relates to the administration of state and local taxation of cigarettes and other tobacco products.  

Every year the tobacco section holds:

  • Four regional meetings
  • Three uniformity meetings
  • One annual meeting  

Tobacco Tax Section Officers:

The tobacco tax section has bylaws passed by the executive board of FTA.  The bylaws establish officer roles and responsibilities for the tobacco tax section.  The current officer positions are held by the following individuals:  

  • National Chair: Gerald Robinett, Missouri
  • National Vice Chair: Al Milak, North Carolina 
  • National Secretary: Justin Scott, Texas  

Uniformity Project:

Cigarette and tobacco taxes are a vital part of every state’s revenue base, providing funding for a wide variety of programs. Uniformity makes it easier to ensure that each state is getting the fairest share of the revenue it deserves and easier for industry to accurately file and pay their taxes, leveling the playing field.  

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Tax Rates and Surveys: 

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