Tobacco Tax Uniformity Project

Brand Code Table

This Brand Code Table has been prepared based on information provided to the Federation of Tax Administrators’ (FTA) Workgroup by the tobacco manufacturers (except where noted).  FTA does not assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of this information. This list should not and cannot be used to determine whether particular tobacco products are legal for sale in any particular State or which manufacturer is the fabricator of listed tobacco products.  Persons using this table should consult specific State laws and directories in determining which brand families, or brand styles are legal for sale.

Download Brand Code Table Version 1.3 Last updated July 2, 2019 

The Leaf Sheet - Uniformity Newsletter

Volume 12 - August 2018

Volume 11 - April 2018

Volume 10 - January 2018

Volume 9 - August 2017

Volume 8 - May 2017

Volume 7 - January 2017

Uniformity Co-Chairs

State Co-Chair: Jeanne Thompson (State of Kentucky)

Industry Co-Chair: Tim Harris (Eby Brown)

Uniformity Subcommittees

Communication & Legislation
Don Anderson (Idaho) State Co-Chair
Dawn Evans (McLane) Industry Co-Chair
Sally Staufer (South Dakota) State Co-Chair
Kristin Harrell (Associated Wholesaler Grocers Inc.) Industry Co-Chair
Marci Rosencutter (Kansas) State Co-Chair
Helen Hayes (Core-Mark) Industry Co-Chair
Jason Kraemer (Wisconsin) State Co-Chair 
Mark Triplett (Triplett and Associates) Industry Co-Chair