Tobacco Tax Uniformity Project

Uniform Definitions [March 29, 2013]

Uniform PACT Forms [March 29, 2013]

FTA Uniformity Project - Videos

Helen Hayes, Core-Mark Richmond, has prepared several short videos showing the importance of Uniformity and the progress made by the committee. 
[view videos]

The Leaf Sheet - Uniformity Newsletter

Volume 7 - January 2017

Uniformity Co-Chairs

State Co-Chair: Hillary Bunker (NV AG's Office)

Industry Co-Chair: Tim Harris (Eby Brown)

Uniformity Subcommittees

Barbara Stoenner (OR) State Co-Chair
Helen Hayes (Core-Mark) Industry Co-Chair
Communication & Legislation
Don Anderson (ID) State Co-Chair
Dawn Evans (McLane) Industry Co-Chair
Jeanne Thompson (KY) State Co-Chair
Sissy Sawyer (Altria) Industry Co-Chair
Kara Parga (NE) State Co-Chair
Mark Triplett (General Cigar) Industry Co-Chair